Blockchain enabled Digital

The most secure and convenient way to deliver and
verify the authenticity of certificate credentials.

Why do organizations choose SquadX’s
Digital Certificates?
Verifiable and Secure
Instill trust in your certificates with one-click verification, and know they’re secure with our bank-level encryption and Blockchain logging.

Easily sharable certificates
One-click sharing to social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn help generate web traffic and referrals for your program
Issue Certificates digitally on
Autopilot mode

Issuing branded, secure, and verifiable digital certificates is quick and painless.

Manage your entire issuing process and with just few clicks. No need to send certificates individually, our well designed framework does it all.
Certificates built for sharing
With one-click social media sharing options as well as LinkedIn, website, and email embedding, your certificates are turned into a source of referrals and act as a marketing tool for your training or certification program.

Verify certificates on the go,
No chances of forgery.
Single-click verification makes third-party authentication quick and easy. SquadX’s encryption and Blockchain logging mean it’s impossible to fake your certificates.
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